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TestMax Nutrition is the revolutionary nutrition program which helps men who are in their forties or older regain their strength and vitality, lose stubborn belly fat, fight aging, and start living the dynamic lifestyle they may have feared was behind them for good.
test max nutrition tips

The TestMax Nutrition system achieves these amazing results by enhancing and sustaining the production of your #1 male hormone. And since TestMax Nutrition is a meal-based plan with no artificial ingredients, you won’t have the hassle of doctor appointments or waiting while your prescription gets filled. The system is simple and easy to follow, and literally happens every time you sit down to eat. 

clark bartram test max nutritionThe TestMaxTips Nutrition program was created by Clark Bartram, 53, who has his own YouTube Channel specializing in men’s health.

He has a huge following there (that’s 4 million subscribers and counting). He also happens to be about the best possible advertisement you can imagine for the benefits of TestMax Nutrition.

Clark radiates a youthful vitality, confidence, and energy that would be the envy of men half his age.

But it wasn’t always this way. When Clark reached his forties he found that no matter how much he changed his diet or added extra workouts, he just couldn’t seem to lose his extra belly fat or develop lean muscle tone. It can be a struggle for an older guy to get back in shape. Declining testosterone levels, lack of time and energy, and an improper diet that is actually lowering your hormones can make it feel virtually impossible.

That all changed for Clark when he discovered that it was his reduced level of testosterone that kept him from reaching his goals. That’s when he decided to do something about it and created the phenomenal TestMax Nutrition system.

The TestMax Nutrition system is unique in its approach. The simple-to-use recipe plan features an array of different foods that will help to increase your testosterone levels and block the production of estrogen.

But TestMaxTips Nutrition also takes into account the dieting frustrations many males go through when they attempt to change their eating habits – frustrations that can lead to failure. There are no “diet foods”; the recipes are simple and include everything you need to know. And best of all, you can cook enough food to last you from Monday through Sunday in less than sixty minutes.

When you order the life changing TestMax Nutrition program, you will receive the following tools to help ensure your success:

  • A Series of Recipes Designed to Increase Your Testosterone Production
  • A Guide to Cooking Seven Days of Meals In Less Than Sixty Minutes
  • How To Buy Healthy Food and Save Money While You Shop (Clark’s Own Personal Tips)
  • Mistakes You Make That Are Hurting Your Hormone Levels (and how to stop)
  • Informative videos that explain the many different things a man can do to increase his hormone levels
  • Cooking Demonstration Videos–available just for TestMax members, this is where you get to follow Clark as he demonstrates recipes for every step of the program

Got a smart phone? Internet? Wi-Fi? TestMax Nutrition has an app for that! (and it’s included when you order the program)

The TestMax Tips 3 Phase System

For maximum efficiency, the meals in the TestMax Nutrition system have been divided into three separate phases. Phase One in the TestMax Nutrition system lasts 30 days. This is the time when you clean out and detoxify your hormones and flush out any extra estrogen in preparation for Phase Two.

Phase Two of the TestMax Nutrition System also lasts 30 days. During this phase you will notice some phenomenal changes. Since your hormones were detoxed in Phase One, your body is now prepared to increase your production of testosterone. And because of this, TestMax Nutrition will begin rapidly transforming your appearance. So much so that you just might find yourself asking: Who is that guy in the mirror? The one with the muscle tone and no flab? (Hint: It’s someone you have lived with for years!)

test max nutrition

When you reach Phase Three of the TestMax Nutrition System, you should pat yourself on the back. You’re heading into the home stretch–the last 30 days of the 90 day program. This is when all your hard work really pays off. Your estrogen levels have been controlled, your hormone production has been revitalized, and now you can take a less rigid approach to eating.

When you reach the conclusion of Phase Three, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have achieved your goal of transforming your body. And you are now able to keep your hormones at their desired level with simple, basic maintenance.

How Much does TestMax Nutrition Cost

Most men agree the benefits of TestMax Nutrition would be a bargain at the original price of $197.00.

But for a limited time the TestMax Nutrition system can be yours for a 50% discount. That’s just $97.00. And if you order now you’ll also receive an all inclusive list of which foods increase your testosterone production, ten additional recipes to help launch you into the TestMax lifestyle, and Clark’s ingenious how-to guide that lets you use your hands to control cooking portions (you never have to bother with a measuring cup again!)

Also, for a limited time Test Max Nutrition is offering two more bonus gifts:

  1. 30 days of extra recipes and meal plans
  2. The complete TestMax Program on DVD, special workouts on DVD designed for TestMax members (optional; just pay shipping)
  3. You’ll also get website access privileges the minute you place your order (so you don’t have to wait for the mailman).

What are you waiting for? If you still have doubts that TestMaxTips Nutrition will deliver, don’t worry.

After helping thousands of men succeed, Clark Bartram is so confident about TestMax Nutrition he offers a 60-day risk free trial and money back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with TestMax Nutrition, simply e-mail or call and Clark will refund your money (except for the cost of shipping & handling) without even asking you why.

Order TestMax Nutrition now and get the lean body, glowing health, and vibrant lifestyle that you deserve.

test max nutrition tips